Security Of Transactions

Security of transactions

Recognizing the importance of reliability in any of your payments, has developed a secure data transfer circuit to cover the most inaccessible encryption, ensuring your every entry. More specifically, the process of clearing your payment, in case you choose Payment by Credit Card, is carried out by Piraeus Bank, for this reason you are automatically transferred to the secure server (secure server) in the service of the Bank. All your card details (Card Number, Holder Name, Expiration Date and Digital CVV Number on the back of the card) are entered electronically and encrypted in the Bank’s service, and then transferred from the Bank to VISA, MasterCard is also covered by the 256-bit SSL encryption algorithm, the most powerful encryption available worldwide today. For the additional security of electronic transactions through credit cards, these are done with the security system of Piraeus Bank. In this case, the card details are not stored anywhere, only used during checking and charging. So the transactions you make on, through credit cards are completely secure.



The, taking into account how important the protection of Personal Data is, has adopted a number of established terms, and, in accordance with its comprehensive Policy, ensures the absolute security of your transactions. The personal information you enter, voluntarily (name, surname, landline, mobile phone, home / work address, e-mail address, for any useful and necessary reason, as well as any information that may be subject to the terms in favor of Personal Data Protection, are covered by the powerful 256-bit SSL encryption algorithm and are temporarily stored, and in no case abusively, on a temporary storage platform in the same encryption manner. In other words, all entries Equal information sent to the system is transmitted electronically and encrypted, eliminating any possibility of them leaking to unknown recipients. In an account for future use, prohibiting access to your personal data to third parties, with the exception, rarely, of the confidential transfer of the necessary information, always encrypted and Extremely secretive, in cooperating companies with, aiming at the immediate and more efficient course of each order. That is why you are called to re-register them, in any case. If for any reason, any resulting transaction with expires, the validity of any created accounts will automatically expire and all registered data will be deleted from the store’s platform.



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In any case, every visitor or user of the web portal of, is invited to read carefully and, to use his electronic services, only if he fully accepts his terms, which is considered self-evident with the registration of accounts. and orders. In the meantime, in any dispute you may, at any time, discontinue recording your activities and withdraw from the platform.